Borg-Warner T18/T19

The Borg-Warner T18 is a heavy-duty transmission designed for and used in 1/2, 3/4, and 1+ ton trucks. Produced by Borg-Warner between 1965 and 1991. The T18 is the improved successor to the T98 transmission.

This transmission has four forward gears and one reverse. Only second, third, and fourth are synchronized gears.

The T18 transmission was found in Ford, Jeep and International Harvester (IH) trucks. Because of this, there are many variations of this transmission found across all three makes of vehicles.



The 1972-1975 Jeep CJ T18s had the narrow ratio gearing (1st gear 4.02) and bolted directly to the AMC bellhousing. These transmissions can be adapted to fit GM engines. Read more here.

In 1976, the T18 could be found in the Jeep CJs as well as Jeep Full-Sized Cherokee and Trucks. In the CJ, the gear ratio was the narrow ratio starting with 4.02:1 ratio. In the Full-Sized Jeeps, the T18 came with the wide ratio starting with 6.32:1 ratio. These and all Jeep CJs through 1979 had a stick-out measurement of 7.43″.

All Jeep CJs from 1977-1979 had the wide-ratio T18 with the 6.32:1 ratio first gear. The 1976-1979 T18As can also be adapted to GM engines using adapters. Read more about that here.

All Jeep T18s had no front adapter plate and were mounted directly to the AMC bellhousing.

International Harvester

The IH T18 was only available in 3 versions: T18, T18A, and T18C. The standard T18 featured the same gear ratios as the wide ratio Ford and Jeep T18s (with 1st gear starting in 6.32:1 ratio). The T18A had 4.02, 2.41, 1.41, 1.0 ratios. The T18C had 4.02, 2.41, 1.52, 1.0 ratios.

Due to the unique input shaft and stud-mounted front face, the variations of the IH T18 are not recommended for Jeep conversions.

Gear Ratios

1st Gear6.324.02
2nd Gear3.092.41
3rd Gear1.691.41
4th Gear1.001.00

Fluid Type and Capacity

LubricantSAE 90W GL4
SAE 80W-90 GL4
Capacity3.25 qts (3L)
Fill to hole
Avoid GL-5 lubricant, which can cause increased wear on the brass synchros found in this transmission

Other Specifications

Input Splines10
Output Splines6
Pilot Tip Diameter~17mm

Transfer Case Compatibility

Engine/Bellhousing Compatibility

Ford –

Write-ups and Tutorials

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Parts and Fluids

Engine Fluids

EngineFluid TypeCapacity
AMC 2.5L I4Above 0°F: 10W-30
Below 60°F: 5W-30
4.0 qts
AMC 4.0L I6Above 0°F: 10W-30
Below 32°F: 5W-30
6.0 qts
GM 2.5L I4Above 0°F: 10W-30
Below 0°F: 5W-30
3.0 qts
Renault 2.1Ltbdtbd
VM Motori 2.5Ltbdtbd

Transmission Fluids

TransmissionFluid TypeCapacity
Chrysler A904 3-Speed
Aisin-Warner AW-4 4-Speed
Chrysler 30RH 3-Speed
Borg-Warner T-4 4-Speed ATF Dexron II1.75qts
Aisin-Warner AX4 4-Speed75W-90 GL3 or GL4
10W-30 Motor Oil
2WD: 3.7qts
4WD: 3.5qts
Borg-Warner T-5 5-SpeedATF Dexron II1.75qts
Aisin-Warner AX5 5-Speed75W-90 GL3 or GL4
10W-30 Motor Oil
2WD: 3.7qts
4WD: 3.5qts
Peugeot BA-10/5 5-Speed
Aisin-Warner AX15 5-Speed75W-90 GL3 or GL4
10W-30 Motor Oil
2WD: 3.32qts
4WD: 3.27qts
New Venture Gear NV3550 5-SpeedMopar MT Fluid
SAE 30W Oil

Axle Fluids

AxleFluid TypeCapacity
Dana 3075W-90
75W-140 (towing)
Dana 3575W-90
75W-140 (towing)
Dana 4475W-90
75W-140 (towing)
Chrysler 8.2575W-90
75W-140 (towing)

Transfer Case Fluids

Transfer CaseFluid TypeCapacity

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